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We have the best air-freight solution for the evolving needs of clients.

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Reliable, Fast and Precise. F&L is always on the move with a range of transport solutions..

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F&L is dominant in the ocean freight solutions.


Freight & Logistics Group is now serving globally. Having begun the journey of being a Freight forwarding and Logistics solutions provider in 2014, the group has grown itself to be a global leader. It has been the preferred service provider to many of the clients in and around the country it has incepted and become one of the best freight and logistics companies in Saudi Arabia. Lately, the service expanded to have its global presence in UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

6 Years of

Worldwide Shipping

3.2K customers

87,357 KM total delivered

Why People Choose Freight And Logistics?

A cargo aircraft also known as freight aircraft, freighter, airlifter or cargo jet is a fixed-wing aircraft that is designed or converted for the carriage of cargo rather than passengers.

Customized services to suit different client needs.

Strategies designed focusing on client sovereignty.

Committed to excellence and client satisfaction

Offers competitive rates

Strong network of service terminals.

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The best logistics and forwarder services in Saudi Arabia move the goods and be an expert in the logistics network. For example, the freight forwarder may arrange to have cargo moved from a plant to an airport by truck, flown to the destination city and then moved from the airport to a customer’s building by another truck. We at freight and logistics globally does all types of freight forwarding and logistic services in Saudi Arabia with our world-class professionalism and trained professionals. This makes freight and logistics globally one of the best freight forwarding and logistic company in Saudi Arabia.

Here are some tips for finding the best freight forwarding services in Saudi Arabia.

1)Make Sure They’re Reputable freight and logistics firm in Saudi Arabia.

2)Find a Forwarder with the Right Experience in freight and logistic services in and out of Saudi Arabia.

3)Ensure They Have a Good Network to provide you with a suitable freight forwarding experience.

4)Pick a Forwarder with the Right Services for Your Shipments.

5)Choose Someone with a Transparent Pricing Structure.

6)Make Sure They Offer Cargo Insurance

These things help us to find one of the best freight forwarders in Saudi Arabia

Freight forwarders, in most situations, offer a variety of supply chain services, such as
1)ocean or air freight transportation.
2)Inland transit from the point of origin to the point of destination.
3)Documentation preparation.
4)Services for warehousing and storage.
5)Consolidation and deconsolidation are two different things.
6)Customs compliance and cargo insurance

Logistics companies assist businesses in planning, implementing, and executing the transportation and storage of goods, resources, and services from point of origin to point of consumption along the supply chain. Transportation, shipping, warehousing, packing, disposal, and security are all possible options. These are the services provided by Logistics companies in Saudi Arabia. By evaluating all this we can find the best logistics company in Saudi Arabia.

The act of coordinating large movements or projects, or addressing complex difficulties, is defined as logistics. When you manage a military invasion, this is an example of logistics. Procuring, maintaining, and transferring material, personnel, and facilities is an area of military science. These are some examples of logistical services. This can be done by hiring the best logistics company in Saudi Arabia(KSA).

freight forwarder is person or corporation who specialises in the storage, organisation, transportation, and logistics of products that need to be shipped to certain location. The best freight forwarding company always deals with these in a seamless way for customer satisfaction and timely delivery